Joseph. NYC/PA. 23. Hate and drug free. TV/film/radio production major. Tattooed. Punk, pop punk, emo, hardcore, hip hop. Video games, sports, pro wrestling. Comic books. Pokemon. Seinfeld. Adventure Time. Rooster Teeth. Harry Potter. The Simpsons. Futurama. Bob's Burgers. Parks and Rec. Other stuff. I'll probably annoy you.
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PSN and XBL: JoeTheHumanNY
homesweetnowhere said: Dude! You really weren't that big. You look great though, kudos! :)

I mean 338 pound at my heaviest is definitely bigger than the 220 I am now, but thank you. <3

theycallmeabbey said: Thank you based god bc you're really attractive now

Aw shucks, thank you! Lil B was kind to me. :]

Check Yes Juliet, Count Me In - All Time Low ft. We The Kings

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Anonymous said: Dude, fucking good for you. It goes without saying that the change is noticeable. You're a total babe now, not that you weren't then, too. ;)

Slayin poon since I hopped out the womb.