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Attention “nice guys”. Stop feeling entitled to a girl’s time, attention, and body just because you’ve treated her with kindness and respect. Having basic human decency does not mean that your crush is required to be romantically or sexually interested in you. Do not slut shame girls for liking guys who are not you. Stop bad mouthing the women you were previously interested in and saying you were banished to the friend zone, a fictional place located between Hogwarts and Narnia that was created by men who cannot deal with rejection, when she turns you down. Accept the fact that by being chivalrous only as a means to achieve a specific end that you are not a “nice guy” at all. You are, in reality, just being a complete asshole.
– I had to write a 30 second PSA for my scriptwriting class. Every girl applauded, most dudes looked uncomfortable. 
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Hey, you should all follow my friends and I’s new let’s play/video game streaming group on Twitter. We’ll be doing a ton of cool stuff soon. 

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Jit/Juke - Big Sean

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It’s going down, down, in the earliest round, and baby we’ll be going down swinging. I’ll be your number one with a bullet, I got the safety off, cocked back, ready to pull it. 

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My tummy is full of vegetables and I have the Super Smash Bros demo. Not sleeping tonight. Talk to me.

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Sober - Childish Gambino

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Childish Gambino | Sober 

This is amazing. 

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